Benefits of Becoming a Member of El Cid Vacations Club

Do you want to be one of the travelers who don’t have the stress of organizing a holiday tour, but enjoy an unforgettable vacation? Then it is high time you became a member of El Cid Vacations club. When you become a member of the club, you automatically gain points that can be exchanged later for booking accommodations and tickets. Members are given the first priority for a stay at the fabulous resorts in Mexico.


El Cid Vacations club

The members get the benefit of luxury vacation in one of the resorts in Cancun, Cozumel, and Mazatlan and take cruise all over Europe and the Mediterranean. The members have full flexibility in scheduling their tours. If you plan to take a luxurious vacation all of a sudden, you may have to make big holes your pockets, but if you are a member of El Cid vacations club you can have luxurious vacations without lightening your pockets.


El Cid Vacations club.

The members of the club have the advantage of traveling at their own convenient time to a destination of their choice at affordable cost. The points gained by the members can be used for future stays and tickets. The members can gain points in numerous ways. The members are also guaranteed of discounts and rebates. You can know what you are points are worth any time by visiting the website. This helps you to make plans for tours and to formulate budgets for your holiday trip. Becoming a member of El Cid vacations club is a blessing in disguise to all those who want to take a break from monotonous daily life.


Canyon Ranch Resort, Wellness Hotel and Health Ranch

Canyon Ranch Resort situated in Tucson, Arizona has a slogan, “Canyon Ranch is more than a place – it is a state of mind and a way of life.” The brand new rage these days is what is known as the Wellness Hotel or “healthtel.” These holiday destinations are created with the idea of promoting a healthier lifestyle. The accommodations are mainly geared towards those who are looking for vacation destinations which possess some kind of wellness program.

Canyon Ranch offers many great features for those searching for a relaxing and healthy vacation spot. Canyon Ranch Resort provides medical services, exercise physiology, nutrition classes, cooking classes, and also the usual spa treatment available at most other spa specific resorts. Staffed with dedicated health care professionals, everyone is bound to locate something healthy on their behalf while staying here. A few of the health professionals include: chiropractors, healing touch practitioners, acupuncturists, dermatologists, movement and aquatic therapists, behavioral therapists, physical therapists, podiatrists, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists. Wow, that’s a significant list huh? Seems like no matter what’s ailing you, they’ve someone on staff to check on you out of trouble and get you back on track to healthy living-or on track should you never were to begin with! In addition, most of the staff at Canyon Ranch Resort is trained through NYU, Stanford, and Harvard. Very good pedigree if you ask us!

El Cid Vacations club  El Cid Vacations club

Here are some amenities and features of Canyon Ranch Resort that are contained in three room types:

* Room – Deluxe: A great deal nicer then most standard hotel room, they do incorporate a patio
* Room – Executive: Includes an additional sitting room, mini fridge, and vanity
* Room – Luxury 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suite: Similar to small apartment with patio, family room, some appliances, kitchen, and diner
* Room – Casa Grande: Simply, 2,700 sq feet of “Southwest elegance”

Some programs offered by Canyon Ranch Resort or wellness hotel is exactly what they call the peak performance program. This includes a 4 night stay minimum with state-of-the-art testing and fitness diagnosis. The program includes one-on-one consultation with fitness staff including: physician, physiologist, nutritionists, and behavioral specialists amongst others.

One great aspect of the peak performance program, is the choice to specialize in a particular sport such as golf, tennis, biking, swimming, running, or triathlon. The program is tailored round the specific sport to obtain in peak performance condition, which even includes laboratory testing. We thought this was an awesome service and may understand why more and more people chose this program to create their performance to a different level. The price of this kind of package is (based on prices we obtained online) *$2,480 for a tennis package and *$3,080 for that golf program.